Stripwinkel Piet Snot


Stripwinkel Piet Snot
Vismarkt 3
3511 KR Utrecht, Utrecht
Phone: 0031-30-2318472
Fax: 0031-30-2317871
52° 5' 28.8672" N, 5° 7' 12.576" E


Submitted by Ganyman (not verified) on

I was in vacation in Netherland. I was visiting Utrecht when I saw this comic shop. I decided to enter it to probably buy some comic books without a precise idea. I'm a huge fan of comics so I took my time to find something that pleases me. Less than 15 minutes after I came in, the seller asked me if I was looking for something. I said : "Just watching" because I had no particular idea of what to buy at this moment (probably a DC or Marvel comic book). He answered me : "You're not here to watch, you're here to buy !". I was so shocked that I left the shop immediatly ! Every time I come in a comic shop, I buy something ! With this seller, I didn't want to buy anything in his shop. On this link : , there is a lot of comment (in Dutch) saying that the owner of this comic shop is not cool with clients. It's so true !!!



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14 October 2013 - 9:28pm