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CIA Comics Import Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 190
1016 DW Amsterdam

CIA Comics Import opened on 27 april 2015 on Keizersgracht 190, just behind the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. The store has over 100.000 US Comics in stock. Lots of Bronze Age, Silver Age and some Golden Age America superhero comics at a good price level. Bronze and Silver age comics are in stock in almost complete runs in may 2015. Other inventory: Dutch language versions of American comics, action figures, statues, graphic novels and new issues of all well known USA publishers.

A bit of history to clear up some confusion: around 1990 the first Amsterdam store dedicated to American superhero comics had almost the same name. It called Comic Import Amsterdam on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. That store changed owners after the original store owner died at the beginning of the nineties. It was bought by the owner of Gojoker. Another Amsterdam comic shop located at the Haarlemmerdijk. The new owner bought the rights to the name CIA Comic Import Amsterdam (without the letter "s") along with the inventory of the store and called the store Gojoker for the public, after his existing store. That store moved to the Zeedijk, kept its name for the public and used the CIA name for legal stuff. So, then there were two stores with almost the same legal name, but different owners and different names at the door.

April 1st 2016 the owner of Comics Import Amsterdam (this pages store) bought Gojoker. So he's got both stores. As of april 2016 Gojoker is renamed into: Comics Import Amsterdam 2.0. Clearing up the name issue all together.

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